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Wired For Entertainment


We wire homes and businesses with the latest technology in audio and video. We do not wire money. If you need HDMI, S/PDIF, RCA, DVI, Coaxial, Cat 5 or 6, Madison's Home Theater can help you. If you're running low on flow during your "vacation" in Tijuana, we cannot help you.

Impressively Equipped

We like to consider ourselves connisseurs of the component. We share our enthusiasm for audio and video components with our customers, by providing the latest technologies in home entertainment equipment.

Madison's is proud to be a licensed retailer of Sonos home audio systems, Dish Network, DirecTV, and DSC security systems.


Welcome Home, Buck Rogers.


You may not be a big television star from the late 70's, but we'll make you feel like one. We may not have flying cars or talking robot housekeepers, but we can still do some pretty cool stuff like remote management of your home's heating and a/c. So set your phasers to stun, Spock, and let Madison's make your dumb home smarter.